New Castle News

November 1, 2013

Gary Church: I was never college material — and now I know why

Gary Church
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — History was made last week when, for the first time, I entered a college classroom.

Just making it through high school was hard enough for me. College never entered my mind.

I finally got to see what I had missed.

I was there to speak to a journalism class. Since I have never considered myself a journalist, I could only tell them what I do.

Some things in the class were as I pictured, but some weren't.

There was no bell that rang, to let you know if you're late or not.

What fun is that?

Racing through the halls to beat the bell was one of my greatest high school challenges.

If there is no bell, I bet there is no detention either.

In high school, that was where I got to see all my buddies.

The classroom I spoke in must have been one of the older rooms.

The desks looked a little familiar to me, but I didn't see my initials carved into any of them.

Then there was the pole located to the right of me.

It looked out of place.

I kept feeling the urge to go over and dance with it, but I refrained.

The class may not have picked up a lot of useful information from what I told them.

Discussing the sex life of a cucumber didn't seem to interest them at all.

At least the building had an elevator.

College sure was different than junior high school. Not one student tried to sell me an elevator pass, like they did at George Washington.

When I saw all the stairs that I had to climb, I would have bought it.

I just hope they accepted credit cards.