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December 4, 2013

The Couch Potato: You don’t watch "Modern Family?” You should!

NEW CASTLE — Sometimes it’s hard to take advice. Mainly because we never know if it’s good or bad, until we try it out. By then, it could be too late.

Most of us believe that we know what we’re doing, know what we like and know where we should be headed. If we didn’t believe that, we’d all probably be wandering around, completely aimless.

I bring this up because my mom made a startling revelation over the Thanksgiving break — she and my dad are now fans of “Modern Family.”

The reason I say “startling” is because I have been telling her for the past three years that she and my dad need to check out this show. Not like every day for the past three years, but at least a couple times per quarter.

So when she told Mrs. Couch Potato and I that they had watched a six-hour marathon in syndication and went on and on about how funny it was, it took everything in my power to not say “I told you so!”  Instead, I just said, “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!” which I guess is not really all that different.

Anyway, it got me thinking about how I got on the “Modern Family” bandwagon and I remembered that I might not be any better than my mom.

A few years ago, my co-workers, in the lunchroom, droned endlessly about how clever and funny the show was and continuously spouted off jokes and situations that made little sense to someone who hadn’t watched it.  Everyone who didn’t watch the show was incessantly goaded to tune in and told what an idiot they were not to.  Or at least that’s what it seemed like, anyway.

I ignored that advice for a solid year and then one day, Mrs. Couch Potato and I randomly watched an episode. Of course we got hooked, it was added to the DVR recording list and the rest is history.

Point is, it was just as hard for me to take the good advice as it was for my mom.

Now in its fifth season, “Modern Family” continues its nothing if not consistent run with clever jokes, ingenious word play and dynamic situational comedy. The show may lack unpredictability, but makes up for that with an all-star cast that is comfortable in its skin.

No show on television is as well-oiled as this machine, delivering weekly on the promise of laughs and happy endings.

So if you haven’t seen the show, please take my advice now and get yourself caught up.

I promise, from experience, you won’t be disappointed.

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