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September 3, 2013

Gary Church: I was ready for a great robot show — but it bombed

NEW CASTLE — There are times I may question my own sanity.

I was given a photo assignment to take some random pictures at the Lawrence County Fair.

This is one of the easiest and fun jobs anyone could ask for.

It just so happens, on the first day of the fair, someone robbed the bank across the street from it.

This was not my assignment, but when you see cops and cameras, you stop to observe what's going on.

My friend Joe told me there was a robot inside the bank looking for a bomb, and it should be out soon.

Since I had never seen a robot with a bomb, I thought I would watch it come out, and take a few photos.

All of a sudden, the police stopped all traffic, and out came the robot.

Without thinking anything about it, I snapped a few pictures.

The robot, I must admit, was a little disappointing. I thought it should walk, sort of like Robocop.

The thing didn't even have a face or body.

The Allegheny Bomb Squad needs to watch a few Sci-Fi movies to see what a robot is supposed to look like.

It resembled something I could build with my childhood erector set.

The bomb was safely put in the bomb truck, and I left for the fair.

That's when I started questioning my sanity.

What if it had been a real bomb and it exploded.

You might have found parts of me in Ellwood City.

From now on, I'll just stick to photos of goats and kids riding the merry-go-round.

They have skin and don't explode.


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