New Castle News

August 20, 2013

Gary Church: Geez, even potty breaks are expensive these days!

Gary Church
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Last week, I was given the honor of taking photos for The News at the Lawrence County Fair.

This is a nice job because I can take a photo of anything I want. Whether it makes the paper is not up to me.

To get a good mix of photos, I decided to take the 27-mile walk to the horse arena, at the rear of the fairgrounds.

One nice thing about that area: it has the only chocolate and white milk coin machine on the grounds, from what I have seen.

After indulging in a few bottles of the chocolate stuff, nature began to take its course, and I sought out a restroom.

The closest restroom I found was a typical fair restroom.

Instead of urinals, it had a long trough, which looked like a rain gutter.

It could accommodate about 10 guys at one time, if you have a family of all boys that needed to go all at once.

I ended my visit by washing my hands.

I found out rather quickly that there was no hot water at this location.

The reason I have tried to give you full details of the restroom is to prepare you for what's coming up next.

There were no paper towels to dry my hands.

But wait!

That's not a problem.

Because this restroom, in the middle of the horse and cow barns, has a concierge.

Yes, this gentleman, sitting in the restroom hallway, handed me a paper towel to dry my hands.

My first thought was, he was cleaning the restroom and hadn't put out the paper towels yet.

I don't think that was the case because, when I walked past him, I spotted a jar marked "Tips."

I didn't want to look cheap, so I put a dollar bill in his jar.

Yes folks, I paid one dollar, for one paper towel, to dry my hands.

This got me thinking.

What if I needed toilet paper?

Would he personally deliver it too, and what is the proper tipping etiquette for toilet paper?

Unfortunately, he did not provide cologne or any other concierge service as I was leaving.

It's nice of the fair to have someone oversee the restrooms and to keep them clean.

But I think this is the first time I ever tipped a bathroom attendant.

I'm not an accountant, but my friend Bob McCartt is.

I was just wondering, Bob: could I deduct my dollar as "business" expense?