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March 28, 2014

Gary Church: I’ve always wanted to thank Frank for my sex education

NEW CASTLE — When we're eating out, it is not unusual for me to strike up a conversation with some stranger.

This happened last week at the Mahoning VFD fish dinner.

The lady I was talking to all of a sudden asked me, "Do you know Frank McDermitt?"

I froze for a moment.

That was a name from my past.

Frank managed the Isaly’s store on the diamond.

When I would take my long walk home from school, it became a stopping off place for me.

I would hang out there until my dear mom would pick me up on her way home from work, and drive me the rest of the way home.

Frank and I became good friends.

When my brother-in-law, Art Doutt, became a big shot at Morgan's Wonder Boy, I mentioned to him that Frank would like a job there.

Art hired him to manage the Morgan's hamburger stand, on the top of State Street hill.

In turn, Frank hired me to be his French fry chef.

Way back in 1960, I was a shy, and very naïve teenage boy.

I had no training at all on the birds and the bees.

Well, mom did leave a book out one time that I read.

All I learned from it was that I would go blind if I did any of the no-no's written in the book. It scared me to death.

Frank was older than most of the help at the carry-out, and he mentored us on things we should know about life.

If it wasn't for Frank, I would have no idea why women can get so cranky all of a sudden.

I've always held Frank dear to my heart, just like Aristotle's followers did.

The lady said that Frank became an exterminator, and also raised snakes, and a few other wild animal.

She said that one night a burglar broke into Frank’s home.

While the intruder was prowling around, he started to hear some hissing.

He screamed so loud that the neighbor heard him and called the police.

The man was arrested, and probably happy to get out of the house alive.

Frank died several months ago, but he's one guy I never forgot.

I wish I knew what ever happened to the book my mother set out for me to read.

Probably nowadays, you would find it in the science fiction department.


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