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March 14, 2014

Gary Church: Rest well, Millie — you were one cool chick

NEW CASTLE — It's not real uncommon for a stray cat or dog to show up in your yard.

It is uncommon for a stray chicken to decide to make your yard her home.

Millie the chicken must have had some kind of a strong instinct, to all of a sudden show up in the yard of John and Billy-Jo Marshall.

Before Millie even met them, she must have felt this was a loving home — and she would be spoiled rotten. Why else would she pick them?

Millie's instincts turned out to be very true.

She had her own heated condo with meals, and snacks any time she wanted one. She loved marshmallows.

She would hang out with the family, when they were out in the yard, and supervise many projects John would be working on.

If she got lonely, she would peck at the door for John, and he would respond.

She became a Facebook sensation, from John posting photos of her doing cute little things you wouldn't expect a chicken to do.

I swear she was part human.

John even picked Denise Kolodziej Palkovich and me to be Millie's godparents.

She was a free range chicken, and had access to the whole yard, and sometimes ventured out onto the road.

Unfortunately, Millie was struck by a car last Monday, and passed away.

It was very sad when John posted Millie's final prints in the snow.

Of course, all her fans are devastated.

A private burial took place in the back yard of the home that she loved.

Billy-Jo said it was very sad to unplug the heater in her coop for the last time.

R.I.P., Millie.

You were one cool chick.




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