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March 7, 2014

Gary Church: Boy, I’d like to give my two cents to the lady in charge of the change tray

NEW CASTLE — I'm cheap, but not real cheap.

I was paying for something that came to $2.32.

Sitting on the counter was one of those loose change trays, where you can drop some change in or take some out.

I gave the clerk $3, and took two cents out of the tray.

Upon closer observation, I noticed a quarter and a nickel that someone had left in the tray.

Since I don't like change, I figured I'd take the 30 cents out of the tray to add to my 2 cents.

The clerk reprimanded me and said that I had taken enough out of the tray, so I had to put the 30 cents back.

It sort of brought back memories of Mom telling me I took too many cookies, and I needed to put some back.

I did as she said, and left the building.

It just kept eating at me why this lady thought she was in charge of how much you took out of the change tray.

Isn't it a voluntary thing?

What if I had taken the quarter out first? Would I still be eligible to take out the additional 7 cents, or was that a no-no.

It's not the 32 cents I'm bickering about. It's the lady who thought she was god of the change cup.

I would have liked to have stuck around to see who she deemed eligible to use it.

I don't want you to think that I never donate to a change cup. I do that at least twice a week.

My milk comes to $3.99, and I always leave the penny in the tray.

Well maybe that doesn't count. My wife pays for the milk, so technically it's her penny.

Since she has never asked for the change, she is probably not aware of where the penny went.

Whoever needs that penny is more than welcome to it.

I bet the person that left the quarter thought the same thing.

I suppose I should give the clerk the benefit of a doubt.

It's possible the donor said, "This quarter is for anyone to use except Gary Church."

Another scenario: I reminded her of a gorilla that attacked her while she was on a safari.

But if we go into a sudden recession, it's because the dollar bill that I was going to use to stimulate the economy turned into 70 cents change — that ended up in my piggy bank.


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