New Castle News

April 29, 2014

Gary Church: How should I answer my wife? Don’t ask!

Gary Church
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — I have never liked pop quizzes.

There might have been times in my marriage when my wife has asked me a question — and I may not have responded with the most tactful answer.

That has changed.

Just today she said, "I cleaned this side of the kitchen. Doesn't it look nice?"

It quickly hit me that I have got to come up with an honest answer that wouldn't get me killed.

Truthfully, I couldn't see any difference.

With the cupboard doors closed, how would I know she cleaned all the shelves.

If I would have answered "Yes," it would have been a lie, and I would be on my way to hell.

Should the answer I gave been "I can't tell," it might have been very quiet in the household for awhile.

After 39 years, I'm learning how to give responses that are in the gray area.

My brilliant response was, "You sure have been working hard!"

That seemed to satisfy her.

I still need a little help when she asks me if I like the new top she bought.

Our tastes are not even close to being alike.

It would be very hard for me to say, "It's beautiful!"

I'm thinking about answering, "Wow, that sure has a lot of thread count!"

Another answer I've been contemplating is, "Those buttons are perfectly round."

I suppose next thing I do is to write a book on correct responses to give your wife.

This could save a lot of men from having to cook their own supper.

By the way men, should you not care for what she cooked, a simple, "The temperature of the food was right on tonight, dear. Thanks, honey," will work for you.