New Castle News

February 18, 2014

Gary Church: Geez, I should get a reward just for FINDING my card!

Gary Church
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — As far as I can see, there is no end in sight.

No, I'm not talking about the lousy weather. It's all those rewards cards I now have to carry in my wallet.

I was making a purchase the other day, and the lady asked me if I had a rewards card, which I did.

My wallet is well-organized, but I could not find it under pressure.

However, I did find the ...

•Rite Aid Wellness card

•CVS Extra Care card

•Staples card

•Bottom Dollar card

•Shop ’N Save Perks card

•Peebles Over 50 card

•Sheetz card

•Toys R Us card

•Famous Footware card

•Giant Eagle Fuel Perks card

•AAA card

•Medicare card

•Insurance card

•Car Insurance card

•Driver's license

•and my Ollie’s Army Bargain Battalion card

But couldn't find my Walgreens Balance Reward card. It was hidden.

Of the cards my wife and I share, she gets to use the big cards, while I am given that dinky little thing you put on your key chain, which I can never find.

I don't put them on my key chain, because they wear out and fall off.

My wallet is not large enough to carry all of these cards, so I carry two wallets. If this rewards card thing doesn't stop soon, I will have to carry three wallets.

The weight of all these cards will surely weigh my pants down, and may cause me to lose them during an untimely sneeze.

I'm ready to go back to the day when I plopped down my nickel at Honey Mitchell's store, and walked out with my chocolate popsicle.

Honey didn't have to keep track of me or what I bought — I lived right across the street.

Back then, the only card we had in the whole house was the one the paperboy punched when we paid the bill.

Now, I foresee building a trophy case for all the rewards I'll be getting.

I'm just not real sure what they are.