New Castle News

October 23, 2012

Gary Church: Please, please stop into The News office and see me today! It’s for a great cause!

Gary Church
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Today is the big “Pink-Out” edition of the New Castle News to help fight breast cancer.

They asked me if I would sit in The News lobby from 11 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. and greet people when they purchase a newspaper.

I told them I would love to do that. One thing I am good at is sitting.

After I said "Yes," the fear of no one showing up on my watch began to set in.

I still have flashbacks of the 1960s, when the band I played in tried re-opening the dance at "The Barn" in New Wilmington.

Only six people showed up.

Then there was the gospel concert that the trio I was a part of drove to Florida to put on.

Fifteen people showed up to the service, and the offering was $13. I guess two people didn't put their dollar in the offering plate.

I'm now having visions of me sitting all alone in an empty lobby, with a stack of pink newspapers to sell.

What if someone comes in, and I get all excited, and they just want to use the restroom?

My wife did say she would drop by to see me. I just don't think I'm going to look much different there than I do at home.

My plea is, if you are downtown today, stop into The News office and buy a pink paper.

This may be a little hard for those of you who read my blog in California, but you still have a few minutes to get flight tickets.

If you are upset with me because your tomatoes didn't turn out right, there is a sign on the front door of the lobby that says "no firearms."

Just sayin’.

See you soon!