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March 14, 2013

Tim Kolodziej: We can do better than ‘just livin’ the dream’


NEW CASTLE — “Status is not the same as influence.” — Jeff McNicol

“Just livin’ the dream.”

Bigger isn’t always bigger. More isn’t always more.

As I mentioned before, I think there are plenty of people doing EXACTLY what they were created to do. They’re teaching. They’re lawyering. They’re doctoring. They’re serving.

They’re just a little scared that you might not approve because you work for a bigger firm. Or make more money. Or travel more.

Don’t buy into it. Our culture has a bizarre system of defining influence. A reality TV actor is a “star,” even though she’s been divorced three times and is in rehab. An athlete is “great,” even though he can’t balance a checkbook and owes child support to the mothers of his four children.

Call it celebrity. Call it status. But please, please don’t call it influence.

If you’ve got to pick between status and influence, choose influence every time.

Do you have to have THOUSANDS of people following you on Twitter to have influence?

What if just two people were moved to make peace with their parents because of something you said to them? That’s influence.

Do we have to have THOUSANDS of people reading our work?

What if four or five people changed their lives because of what you wrote? That’s influence.

Do you have to be a major college coach to be great at the craft?

What if just one junior high kid stopped selling drugs and started to drain jumpers because you took an interest in him?

You know, that could be you.

Today. At this very moment. Right where you are sitting.

And that, my friends and fellow influencers, is truly livin’ the dream.

(P.S. — Take a few moments to watch the video at right, or below. You just might delete the term “excuse” from your vocabulary.)



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