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March 14, 2013

Tim Kolodziej: We can do better than ‘just livin’ the dream’

NEW CASTLE — “Today’s excuses are tomorrow’s regrets dressed in disguise.” — Steven Furtick

So, what’s your excuse?

Maybe it’s one of these ...

•I’m too old.

•I’m not smart enough.

•I don’t know what to do.

•People will think I’m an idiot.

•I can’t change direction now. It’s too late.

•Could I really earn money doing THAT?

•Is this REALLY what God wants me to do with my life?

Truth be told, some of those have been MY excuses in the past.

And, truth be told, some of those have become my biggest regrets today.

How about you? Which excuses will hold you back from living your dream?

Or will you choose a future of living with regrets?

“One courageous choice may be the only thing between you and your dream becoming a reality.”  — Anonymous

“Just livin’ the dream.”

I’ve probably heard that phrase dozens of times this year — and it’s always used in a derogatory sense.

In essence, people are really saying, “I’m stuck and I don’t know how to get out.”

OK, maybe.

To be sure, some of us really are mismatched in our work. Our career does not fit our calling.

We chose our current vocation because of parental or peer pressure, a steady paycheck, health benefits or we just had no clue what we wanted to do with our lives at age 17 and picked SOMETHING because it sounded cool.

Some of us, it appears, have spent more time planning a vacation than plotting our life’s work.

Others were more thorough and went to college to prepare for their “dream job,” only to graduate with debt up to their ears — and now they can’t afford to pursue their passion.

I’ll let Jon Acuff take it from here.

“Do you see the irony in taking out a student loan so you can get an education that enables you to get a dream job, only to be prevented from taking that dream job by that same student loan? Makes my teeth hurt.”

Crazy, I know.

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