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April 1, 2014

Gary Church: Did ’Canes just win? Or did my wife slip a disk?

NEW CASTLE — I would like to congratulate the New Castle boys basketball team for winning the state championship.

Since my wife and I don't have the best knees for climbing up bleacher steps, we no longer attend games.

When we did attend, we always sat on opposite sides of the gym.

If you ever want someone to drive you nuts during a basketball game, watch it with my wife.

While viewing the recent championship game on TV, she spent the last quarter of it in the kitchen, pacing the floor.

She can't handle the pressure.

When she started out pacing in the living room, and paced in front of the TV, a small spat may have occurred.

After New Castle won the game, she opened the front door and yelled, "New Castle won the championship!"

It sounded more like I was killing her, and she was screaming for help.

I listened very closely to the police scanner, to see if any of the neighbors had called the authorities.

I told her, "If the police and ambulance show up, I'm telling them — just commit her."

That's not the end of her getting emotional about the ’Canes.

While reading the paper the other day, I heard her sobbing like a baby.

I looked over and asked, "Reading Larry Kelly?"

She cries every time Larry writes something.

We did go downtown to watch the team return from Harrisburg.

There were about 10 cars following the bus through town.

I might have gotten a little emotional myself when I saw Dewey Lutz following the bus and waving his hat.

Dewey has been attending the games for 70 years, and wasn't going to miss this parade.

Thank you, Coach Blundo, and the basketball team for taking us on a thrill ride.

Next year, I'll try to have my wife medicated before we watch the game, and possibly have the ambulance on standby.


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