New Castle News

March 27, 2014

Tim Kolodziej: Will your life be different tomorrow? It’s your call

Tim Kolodziej
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — It’s just one sentence.

Pretty simple, actually.

Mostly small words that anyone can understand.

But, dang, those words nearly knocked me over when I heard them the other day.

So good.

So powerful.

So true.

So, why don’t most of us follow this advice?

Here it is ...

“You’re one decision from an entirely different life.”

Think about it. Today, right now, whenever you’re reading this, you have the ability to choose a new direction.

For better or for worse.

Let me give you a few examples of decisions you might face today:

•Dessert or “just the check, please.”

•Watch TV or read a book.

•Gossip or encouragement.

•Leave your job or stay.

•Study or cheat.

•Snooze button or get up early to work out or spend quiet time in prayer.

•Embrace uncertainty or stay comfortable with the status quo.

•Work on your game or play video games.

•Speak up or not get involved.

•Remain faithful to your spouse or have an affair.

•Focus on outcomes and freak out or focus on the process and take the “next best step.”

•Feel guilted into saying “yes” or do what you really want and say “no.”

Your choice.

Your life.

Ever hear of kid named Joey Prusak?

He made a small decision a few months ago. And his life will never be the same.

During his shift at a fast-food restaurant, the teenager from Minnesota witnessed a blind customer drop a $20 bill from his pocket. Before Prusak could scoop the money up and give it back to the man, a woman in line grabbed it and claimed it as her own.

“Give it back,” Prusak told her.

“It’s mine ... I dropped it,” the woman shouted back before calling the young man some choice names.

Prusak refused to serve the woman and asked her to leave the restaurant.

He then did something no one saw coming. He removed $20 from his own pocket and gave it to the blind man.

A customer shared the story on Facebook and it ended up going viral.

In the days afterward, patrons flooded the Dairy Queen that Prusak managed. Some offered him jobs. Others gave him money for college.

He even received a phone call from billionaire Warren Buffett, whose company owns the Dairy Queen chain. During the call, Buffett invited Prusak to attend a shareholders meeting so the two could meet.

Think Prusak will ever have to pay for a Blizzard again?

All right, let’s pause and rewind to a moment just before the good deed took place. It was probably a typical day on the job and Prusak was likely doing something he had done hundreds of times already that week.

Little did he know he was one decision from an entirely different life.

Just like you are right now. Just like I am, too.

Decisions, decisions. Even the smallest ones can have a major impact.

When it comes down to it, life really is nothing but a series of choices.

Moment by moment. For better or for worse.

And the moral of the story is this: Be careful how you choose today.

Your life depends on it.