New Castle News

May 14, 2013

Gary Church: A little trimmer is just the right fit for someone my age

Gary Church
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — There are definite signs in my life that show I'm really starting to age.

I can't believe that I just bought a battery powered trimmer/edger.

The gas trimmer I have now is 25 years old and very powerful.

When I bought it, I got a blade attachment that would cut down small trees.

It doesn't matter that in that 25 years I never once used the saw blade.

The main thing was, the trimmer was powerful. This meant all the world to me.

So why would I purchase a light-weight trimmer — especially since power is not its forté?

First of all, you start it by turning the switch to “on.”

With my gas trimmer, I usually have to try starting it in February to have it actually running by May.

Yes, I've changed the spark plug and all that other stuff.

My wife keeps watching to see if I'm getting chest pains while trying to start the thing.

She usually just sits in the house and peeks out the window, with the insurance policies in her hand.

The second thing is, walking to where the grass needs trimmed is like going on a hike of 10 miles of rugged trails.

With an electric trimmer, I can hold it in one hand, and drive to the trimming location in luxury, on my mower.

With a little practice, I should be able to trim the grass without getting off the tractor.

That's not all I've bought.

When I ordered the trimmer, they asked me if I would like to purchase a battery operated blower to come with it.

Unlike the trimmer that I have to try starting in February, I begin trying to start the blower I have in January.

Yes, it is powerful, and can start a hurricane in the neighborhood.

The new battery operated one is not that strong.

But, here's a little secret, just between you and me.

I think my wife will be able to use it.

Best of all, battery operated tools run for only a short period of time, and then you get to sit down.

Sitting down is officially my new favorite thing.

I bet that's another sign that I'm really getting old.