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January 2, 2014

Tim Kolodziej: Four quotes to live by in 2014


NEW CASTLE — Our Spiritual Life ...

The Quote: "Your purpose for existing is this: to let God the Father love you." — Derwin Gray

The Lesson: Can you imagine what this world would look like if people knew they were loved?

It's impossible to share what we don't have. Sadly, many of us wander through life trying to attain love, acceptance, honor and security through our performance. We don't believe we are loved, so we spend our days trying to earn it.

To a certain extent, it works. That is, until someone else comes along who's just a little bit better than you.

Our pride makes us all strive to be the quarterback and call the plays. But life works so much better when we, in humility, allow ourselves to receive.

 Our Future …

The Quote: "Today, you are the oldest you've ever  been, and the youngest you'll ever be again. You are perfectly positioned between experience and opportunity." — Unknown

The Lesson: How old ARE you? Did you choose to be the age you are right now? Did you ever think you would REACH the age you are now?

I know people in their 20s who are "old" in their thought life, already looking back at what was. And I know people in their 50s and 60s who believe their best days are ahead of them.

Whether you think today is "just a start" or "dang, I blew it" is really how you will see tomorrow.

Your age at this very moment? You can’t go back and you can’t fast-forward. It is what it is. You are what you are.

But what you will be has yet to be decided.

So, will 2014 be the start of something new for your life or "just another year?"

The clock's ticking. It's time to make the call.

And you're the only one qualified to do it.


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