New Castle News

April 13, 2013

Josh Drespling: Spring is (finally) in the air — enjoy!

Josh Drespling
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — We have missed you, my friend. We have all longed for your warmth, vibrance, and energy.

The cold gray of winter has had us locked in its icy grasp for far too long. We greet your arrival with great anticipation and long for the newness you will bring.

Spring has, in fact, sprung us from the expanse of emptiness delivered by Old Man Winter. Despite the misguided efforts of that pesky groundhog or the wishes and prayers of skiers and winter sport enthusiasts, the earth has begun to smile once again. As the days expand, they reveal the life that has been held dormant for so many months.

Spring is the hands-down winner when the seasons are set side-by-side and compared. Yes, fall is filled with glory, splendor, and vibrant colors. Summer has its fun and sun, and winter holds strong with the holidays. However, they all fall flat when compared to the glory of that first warm spring day.

The energy and excitement exuded from that single day is unparalleled. The crisp, clean air, the warm sunshine on your skin, and the feeling of love in the air are tell-tale signs that the snow, sleet, and hail are nothing more than a forgotten memory.

The distant purr of a lawn mower and the first smell of freshly cut grass let us all know that spring is now king and making preparations for its kindred season, summer. The showers of April rain down as the countryside blooms with vitality, teaming sustenance, and energy.

This gift of life is all around us, reminding us that a grand creator set this all in motion many years ago.

The animals and birds have begun to venture out and partake of all the beauty that our friend spring holds.

Despite the naysayers and the allergy-pill poppers and those who shake their fists at yard work, spring is the finest time of year. It brings our planet full circle and starts everything fresh and new, washing away the old dirt and grime, blanketing us with a freshness and profound cleanliness.

Perhaps it is not a mere coincidence that we celebrate Easter in such a season as this.