New Castle News

June 25, 2013

Gary Church: A fungus among us keeps us on our toes

Gary Church
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — I have found Facebook to be a great source of information for health issues.

After reading all the posts, I feel I should be entitled to some kind of doctorate degree.

All one has to do is mention their ailment, and I'm right there with advice on the cure.

One thing that has been going around lately is how to cure toenail fungus.

I've never been familiar with this, so I took time to learn the cure, just in case someone asks me.

Should one have this problem, the Facebook treatment is to soak your toe in Listerine mouthwash for 10 minutes a day.

They say there are no side effects, except your toe may turn green.

I guess wearing flip-flops during this treatment is probably not suggested.

But should your toe ever meet another toe, it won't be concerned about having toe breath.

One thing puzzled me about this soaking the toe thing.

How do you soak one toe?

I decided to do some experiments to see what would work best.

My first thought was to put the foot in a paint tray and pour the Listerine over it.

This used too much mouthwash, and since it is not cheap anymore, I decided this was not the way to go.

I mean, it's one toe. You need some kind of small container.

Next, I tried a deodorant cap.

When I tilted it to get my toe inside, all the mouthwash spilled out onto the bathroom floor.

As least the floor smelled clean and fresh.

Finally, I discovered the best object to soak ones toe in.

What really worked well was — a pill splitter.

I filled the lid portion half way full of Listerine, and the toe fit right in.

This can be done while sitting on the only reserved seat that you may have in the bathroom.

For spill purposes, just use the paper available to the left of you, under the pill splitter.

I think you have to repeat this until the new nail grows back.

Due to my extreme generosity, I will not be charging any of my friends for this valuable information.

Should this treatment not work for you, I have a Facebook friend, Dr. Micco, who will fix you right up.

He will probably have a slight charge though.

Well, maybe a tad more than slight.