New Castle News

November 16, 2013

Josh Drespling: Merry ... what? It’s still NOVEMBER!

Josh Drespling
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — It's only the second week of November, folks.

It was not long ago that we were basking in the sweltering summer sun, mowing our lawns, and lounging poolside. It seems as though once school was back in session, the leaves began to fall and we started a dramatic tumble into winter. This past week gave us a glimpse of the harshness of winter to come as we spent several days in the 30-degree range with a coating of that pesky white stuff. I even spent several mornings scraping my car windows and waiting for the heater to warm up.

But it is still November! My daughter still has a big bag of Halloween candy and her costume has not even been put away yet. I have summer projects that are unfinished. The supplies for these projects are piled in various places in my yard and even on my half-built porch. But it is still November!

I saw several houses today with full-blown Christmas light displays. They had the blow-up Santa, illuminated  reindeer, and hundreds, maybe thousands, of lights. They were twinkling and blinking in celebration of a holiday that is nearly two months away. Possibly these people are caught in a space-time-continuum and have jumped forward 40 or 50 days from the rest of the known universe.

I don’t know about you, but I am just beginning to get together my plans for the next holiday. That’s Thanksgiving, in case you’ve lost track or were thrown off track by all the Christmas displays in the stores or even the radio stations beginning to play Christmas songs.

I saw a Facebook “friend” post a picture of his fully decorated Christmas tree. He had his child posed in front of it and the caption, “Yes, our tree is up, don't judge me.”  Well, I am going to judge you, my friend, because it is still November! The Thanksgiving bird has not been cooked. Nor has it been stuffed, thawed or even thought about, because it is still November!

Now, I don’t have any hate in my heart for the Christmas holiday or anything that it stands for, but it is just a day. A day that is 40 days into the future. Maybe I'm not that forward thinking, but I just can't bring myself to be force-fed the “holiday season” at a point in time so far removed from the actual event.

Come the week of Dec. 20, I will begin to bask in the warm glow of the holiday season and the enchantment that it envelops. Soon enough we can celebrate and share, but it is still November!

Possibly, in an effort to return our world to a proper balance, the weatherman is predicting a sunny day with high of 64 degrees on Sunday. Hopefully, the warm weather will not encourage more people to erect massive Christmas displays in their front yards.

Sunday looks as though it might be a good day to break out the shorts and mow my grass one last time, clad in my bright green Grinch shirt, of course. After all, it is still November!