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February 27, 2014

Tim Kolodziej: Heading in the right direction? We’ve got a ‘50-50’ shot

NEW CASTLE — Ever drop a buck or two on the 50-50 at a high school football or basketball game?

Life is a lot like that, you know.

Sports, especially.

Ask coach Ralph Blundo for some of the key ingredients to the New Castle High basketball team’s incredible success, and there’s no doubt “50-50” will be one of his answers.

If there’s a loose ball on the floor, that’s a 50-50 play.

If there’s a rebound coming off the backboard, that’s a 50-50 play.

If there’s a choice between dwelling on the last play, which you can no longer control, or focusing on the NEXT play, which you can control, that’s a 50-50 proposition.

You may be way past your prime when it comes to high school athletics — or, perhaps, you’ve yet to reach that level — but I promise you: Every day, in every way, you will fight your own 50-50 battles.

There’s a good chance you already did before you got out of bed.

Snooze button ... or up early and ready to roll.

Oatmeal ... or a donut.

Morning cigarette and coffee ... or a walk on the treadmill.

Jump on Xbox and television ... or reading the Bible or other inspirational material.

Caustic talk radio on the way to work ... or audio books and podcasts for your “University on Wheels.”

Flip off the guy who just cut in front of you ... or just keep driving.

It’s your life.

It’s your call.

Scary, isn’t it? We actually have the free will to choose the direction our lives will take today.

I won’t lie. Those are some rough 50-50 battles we must encounter at home and in traffic — and the day has barely begun. Wait ’til you get to work.

But nowhere is the war more fierce than in your mind.

It always starts and ends inside your head.


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