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December 18, 2012

Gary Church: Me? Cheat during a party game? I just wanted the caramel corn!

NEW CASTLE — I try not to join in when games are played at a party. Sometimes, my winning tactics are just not appreciated by others playing the game.

While I was at a worship arts Christmas party, I reluctantly said, "OK," to playing a game, but did not know what the game was.

We were all put in a very large circle, which extended into many rooms, and each of us was given a candy cane.

I noticed a few select candy canes were taken away and replaced with a gift.

It ended up that I was given the bag of caramel corn.

I really like caramel corn.

Honest, it was not my fault that the girl forgot to take my candy cane away when she gave me the present.

Not knowing what the game was, I figured someone was going to try to get my prize, so I gingerly slipped it behind my back.

The rules were explained that the hostess would read a Christmas story. Every time she said the words, “left or right,” we had to pass our candy cane or gift in that direction.

I was doing well passing the candy canes, when all of a sudden, my hidden bag of popcorn fell.

Others noticed.

After a small riot asking for my head, it was mentioned that I should be disqualified for cheating. The very kind hostess allowed me to play on.

At the next delay in the game, the question came out, "Who has the $10 bill?"

It was purely accidental that I had it.

Again, cries of injustice sprang out from the mob. I was waiting to hear the shouts, "Crucify him! Crucify him!

For sure I thought they would insist that I be tested for steroids.

When the story was finally over, we got to keep what was in our hand, either the candy cane or the prize.

I swear, I don't know how it happened, but in my left hand was a Starbucks coffee cup and in my right hand, the big prize, a $25 gift card.

I kept this very quiet for fear of my life.

Being the sweetie that I am, I did give the coffee mug away to one of my favorite teenagers.

You can probably guess the words I'll hear next year when it comes time to play games.

"Gary, since you won last year, you are disqualified from all future contests — forever!"

All I really wanted was that bag of caramel corn.

I love caramel corn.


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