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August 9, 2013

Gary Church: Maybe I can't dance, but I can Stroll with the best of 'em


I have always been a big fan of quartet music.
In my high school days, The Diamonds were my favorite group.  I loved all their songs.
One of my all time favorite hits of theirs was The Stroll.
Since I was a klutz on the dance floor, this was about the only dance I could actually do.
But that was 50 years ago.
Last week, I was walking out of my high school reunion, when what did the DJ play, but "The Stroll."
It was probably the coffee talking, but I said to my wife, "I can do that!"
I got in the stroll line.
That was very unfortunate, because it completely left me, on what I was suppose to do.
Dottie Harrah Walker tried to coach me, but it was a losing battle.
The next thing I knew, it was my turn to stroll down the middle of the line.
Fortunately, my partner was Bonnie McKee Patrick, who is an expert dancer.
I just followed her.
I wasn't so lucky, the next time I ended up going down the line.
If you would have asked me 50 years ago who I would be doing the stroll with, NeCaHi football lineman Terry Teplica would have been my last guess.
But it happened.
At least he didn't tramp on my toes.
Things started to look up, when my favorite goddess, Sandy Jokinen Tate, got in the stroll line.
After a little arithmetic, I figured out where I had to be in line, to be able to stroll down the middle with her.
My math class finally paid off.
After waiting 51 years, I finally got do to the stroll with Sandy.
We were having so much fun, the DJ played it 3 times, before some of the old folks started to sit down.
I'm not sure if Sandy was tired, or doing the stroll with me once in a lifetime was enough, but she sat down before I did.
When the song was over, like Elvis,  I left the building.
I was a little worried the DJ might play a polka next.
 The possibility of me ending up dancing with Terry again, just wasn't something the New Englander was built for.

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