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April 3, 2012

Gary Church: The older I get, the more new music drives me Gaga

NEW CASTLE — There have been a lot of discussions on what to expect when you hit those wonderful golden years.

I was prepared for the hearing loss, the knees giving way, the hair falling out, and not wanting to get out of my recliner.

What surprised me was my loss of enthusiasm for listening to music.

During my teen years, I think I was normal.

I rode through town and around Wonder Boy with the windows down, and the radio volume on high.

As I got older I went with the all the new technology.

We didn't have iPods, but we had portable radios we carried around.

My stereo system was always top notch. I graduated from cassettes to CDs without much problem.

Perhaps my love of listening to music started to go when my CD player broke.

It seems the slot for the CD was an excellent parking garage for my grandson's little cars. It hasn't worked since.

I don't listen to the radio or play any CDs, even while driving.

Perhaps it's because there is not one new song that has come out lately that I really want to hear.

When my grandson comes to visit, he will asked me to play some song for him on YouTube.

Of course, I have never heard of any of them, and they are by some artist that I can't spell their name.

My daughter has informed me not to play any videos for him by Lady Gaga, whoever she is.

I think his new favorite is Adele. I asked him "Adele who?" I guess it's just Adele.

When I do get lonely in the car and turn the radio on, I press the "scan" button, just in case somewhere in the world they are playing a song I might want to hear.

They never do.

Oldies just aren't oldies anymore because they play them so much. I'm bored with them.

It must be me and not the new music because I see everyone walking or running around wearing earphones and listening to whatever.

OK, a few times I have gone to YouTube to hear Gene Autry sing "Won't you ride in my little red wagon," but that's it!

I guess I'll not be asked to be a contestant on "Name that Tune" anytime soon.

It's a little scary wondering what will go next.

I'll keep you informed.


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