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June 13, 2014

Gary Church: Oh, fudge! You want ME to grill the burgers?

NEW CASTLE — My nephew Dan called me on a Thursday and asked if we could have a family reunion on Sunday.

His whole family was in town for a funeral, and they may never be back together in this area again.

That's not much time to rent a shelter at Pearson Park and decide what everyone should bring.

I rented the shelter, and let the ladies figure out the rest of the program.

I've never seen so much food at a reunion.

There were a few things I learned while there.

Number one was, never be the grill guy.

I took the grill and got the charcoal started, but my nephew Jim stepped in and did the cooking.

When I looked around, everyone was eating, but Jim was still cooking on the grill.

Every once in a while I would yell out, "As soon as you get things cleaned up, feel free to sit down and have a burger!"

He ate standing up at the grill, while I sat on my “you know what” and ate.

Next time I will know not to volunteer to be the grill guy.

The number two thing I learned was, kids never forget stuff.

The last time my great nephew Scott attended a Church reunion, he was 4.

Twenty-one years later he asks me, "Are you going to hide the fudge?"

I was shell shocked that he remembered I had done that.

My sister Lealia always made fudge for me at the reunions.

Not wanting to share the precious fudge with the little kids, my nephew Rick and I would hide it, up out of their reach.

 Scott is now 25, and I finally let him have his first piece of my sister's fudge.

Since I have mellowed out in my old age, I left the fudge out for everyone to try.

Wouldn't you know it, the hogs ate it all, and there was none left for me to bring home.

Of course, I had an ulterior motive to warm up to Scott.

While he was on a sugar high, I had him load the car up for my wife and myself.

After seeing the photo of me with my brother and sister, I really don't think I needed any more fudge anyway.

To finish off the party, we were treated to a concert by the Lawrence County Brass.

Life is good.

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