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November 30, 2012

Gary Church: The handwriting’s on the wall — you just can’t read it

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — It was 1958 when the Poni Tails came out with the record, "Born Too Late."

They need to come back with a follow-up song titled, "Born Too Early."

That would be me.

I just read an article where they are talking about eliminating cursive writing in schools.

Why didn't they do that while I was a student?

My handwriting was, and still is, illegible.

How well I remember the first day of my eighth-grade writing class.

The teacher passed out a paper that we all had to sign, for her to take attendance.

As she was reading from the paper, she called out the name, "Guy Chuck."

No one responded.

She looked at it a little closer and asked, "Gary Chuck?"

I thought I had better raise my hand before she called for "Ground Chuck."

I told her it was Gary Church.

She frowned.

When I was in second grade, we had to keep tracing zeros. I was horrible at it.

Now, after all the bad grades I got, they are saying cursive writing is becoming obsolete and shouldn't be taught.

Of course, I don't agree. How are you going to sign your checks?

Will you be  printing "BOBBY JONES?"

It just won't look right when you ask to get a baseball autographed, and the player can only print his name.

I assume that the future physicians are overjoyed with this news.

In my sophomore and junior years at Ne-Ca-Hi, I did take typing.

For 40 years afterward, I wondered why I ever took that class.  I never typed a word after graduating.

Computers have sure changed things.

I just feel that eliminating cursive writing will cost too many people their jobs.

What are all of those handwriting analysis people going to do?