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January 11, 2013

Gary Church: When the dust settles, I really do prefer rags over riches

NEW CASTLE — There was something I forgot to ask Santa for this Christmas. It will just have to wait until next year.

I really needed a dust rag.

The computer room is off limits to the housekeeper, so it doesn't get much attention.

If there is going to be any dusting in there, I have to do it. I just don't have a dust rag.

The cleaning lady has her own supply of rags, but doesn't care to share them with me.

I think she has them specially marked for each household chore.

I prefer to have a rag nearby, so when the mood strikes, I just pick up the cloth and dust.

If I have to get up and search for a rag, by the time I find one, the mood has left me.

I need a rag at every location I sit. That would cut most of the dusting chore in half.

My motto is, "No raggy, no dusty."

I know what you ladies are thinking. You feel rags sitting around on the furniture would be unsightly.

That's probably why Santa didn't bring me a case.

What I need are those reddish-orange rags that mechanics carry with them in their pockets.

It would give the impression to guests that I have been doing something mechanical, like working on cars, instead of dusting.

Before my wife retired, I did most of the housework.

Now that she is home all of the time, and we can't agree on what furniture polish to use, I let her handle it all, except the computer room.

Facebook friend Tom Trodden had a suggestion that I use a lot of doilies in the room.

Doing that, and using my leaf blower, should take care of all my dusting problems until I get my rags.

No ladies, I am not for hire.


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