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December 21, 2012

Gary Church: I’m finally up on my Tippy Toe , but I’m feeling a little drained

NEW CASTLE — As I may have mentioned, we are getting our bathroom remodeled.

My job of painting is complete, and all I have to do is sit back and do some supervisory work.

At the end of day one, Steve the remodeling guy came out of the bathroom and made the big announcement.

He said, "Your bathroom tub drain plug has been replaced with a Tippy Toe stopper."

Of course, my first response was, "Great! I always wanted one of those!"

My second response was, "What is a Tippy Toe stopper?"

Steve the remodeling guy explained, "You work the stopper with your toe. You push on one side and the drain closes. Push on the other, and the drain opens."

Back on the West Side, we just used a rubber plug for this. I guess I've finally moved up to high society.

While I was in bed that night, I got to thinking. Don't you fill the bath tub with water before you get in?

Why would they make a stopper that you would have to get into an empty tub to use?

The next morning, I couldn't wait to try the Tippy Toe thingy.

Guess what?

It didn't work.

When Steve the remodeling guy arrived, I had to ask him for further instructions on using the Tippy Toe.

Steve showed me where the drain plug says open-close.

He got into the tub, fully clothed I might add, and pressed on the “open” side, with the ball of his foot.

It worked perfectly.

I was using only my toe.

Honestly, if you got a gadget called Tippy Toe, wouldn't you think you would use your toe to engage it?

Then I asked Steve the remodeling guy, "Do you have to get into an empty tub to use the Tippy Toe, which technically should be called the Ball of the Foot Stopper?

Steve the remodeling guy replied, "You use your hand."

That would mean I would have to bend over, and that's not happening.

Since I'm a shower kind of guy, I may never have any use for the Tippy Toe Stopper.

But if having one puts you into the high society bracket, I have officially arrived.

By the way, Steve the remodeling guy just said, "It's called the Tiptoe, not Tippy Toe."

If I owned the company, I would have called it Tippy Toe.

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