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November 30, 2013

Josh Drespling: An open letter to Santa Claus

NEW CASTLE — Dear Mr. Claus,

I hope this letter finds you well and that your family and loved ones are in good health. Please give my best to the Mrs. and the reindeer.

Also, please say hello to the elves, or “little people,” as I heard that is what they like to be called.

I know this is perhaps your most stressful time of year and you are under an incomprehensible amount of pressure to fulfill every want and desire of our often-spoiled children. I'm sure you receive so many requests that you could not possibly grant each and every one of them.

I remember when I was a child, there were several fanciful items I asked for and never received. It's OK. I got along just fine without the Domino Rally and Boom Box. I guess I didn't really need them and you must have known better than I did at such a tender age.

With that said, it brings me to the primary objective of writing you this letter. Over the past year, I have bore witness to many situations of selfishness, injustice, bigotry, and downright hatred. I have seen humans do unimaginable things to one another. I've seen bosses treat employees with utter disrespect. I have witnessed strangers belittle and berate each other over the simplest of things.

We have people who just don’t care about their fellow humans. They would rather turn their heads and shade their eyes from the stark reality that they could be the helping hand that these folks need. There are multitudes of homeless and disenfranchised individuals in every city and town, yet we are content to let someone else be the lifeline they need.

We don’t want to get involved when we see something bad happening and are more concerned with our own self-preservation than reaching out and expressing the God-given love that is built into each and every one of us. We recoil and push the images out of our heads so we can go about our happy lives as though these things don’t exist.

We have world leaders who are content on playing games to position themselves and bolster their careers, while undermining any forward progress that others have made. Corruption is rampant in our system. It is broken due to the lack of integrity that this generation possesses. 

From my perspective in this world, I can see no end in sight to this growing problem that our society has unwittingly released upon itself. The constant and continued decay of our moral standing and the decline of our civilization have left me breathless and wishing for a solution.

And that, my friend, is where you come in.

As you prepare for your great expedition across this wondrous earth of ours, spreading joy and happiness to all who believe, I am compelled to ask for one incredibly monstrous favor. Could you please find it in your heart to forgo the toys, games, and other self-indulgent items that we feel we need to make our lives more fulfilling? And in those silent moments just before dawn on Christmas Day, could you please wave your magical elfin hand? Wave it to unleash all the power of your Christmas magic. Wave it across the land to spread peace, love, and faith to all mankind, washing the land in a happiness and desire to be our brother’s keeper, our brother’s friend, an our brother’s helper.

I do believe the granting of this Christmas wish will make for a wonderful life.

Sincerest thanks,

Josh Drespling

P.S. — If you’re not able to grant my wish, I will take some new tires for my car, a new TV, a laptop, and you can throw in a tablet if you have a spare one.


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