New Castle News

April 23, 2013

Gary Church: What am I writing about today? I really don't know — really

Gary Church
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — I was surprised to read in a doctor’s column that the statin drugs I'm taking may cause memory loss.

It's nice to know that it's not my fault that I can't remember things anymore.

But it is getting a little scary.

I'm not sure how I keep from writing the same blog over and over again, because I forget what I write.

But my memory loss doesn't stop there.

The other day, I sprayed hair spray on my hair BEFORE I combed it.

Names are no longer retained in my brain.

When people say "Hi" to me, I have to ask my wife, "How do I know them?"

Don't ask me for directions to Grove City or Slippery Rock. I get them mixed up.

I won't bring up the fly position issue.

It's nice to have reminders on my computer so I don't forget the things I'm suppose to go to.

The problem arises when I forget to type in the event.

My memory is not a total loss.

There are things that I do remember well.

I've never missed a meal.

I can get to Forbush Ice Cream without looking at a map.

Anything that happened in the 1950s and ’60s, I can recall with no problem.

I know the words to most of the songs that were hits then, but none that made it after that.

This brings up the question — if I have memory loss, why wouldn't I forget some of those things?

I've made a short list of my memory status, just in case we run into each other.

If we met between 1950 and 1975, I'll remember you and be able to tell any funny thing that ever happened.

If I met you between 1975 and 2010, I probably won't remember you, but my wife will, and she will tell me how I know you.

Anytime after that, when we meet, just act like it is the first time I've seen you.

I'm telling you this because I recently read in a doctor’s column that the statin drugs I'm taking can cause memory loss.