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September 5, 2012

Sarah Stright on Fashion: Part 3 of finding your own style series

Sarah Stright
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — So, here we are, the final steps of finding your personal style.

In the last two weeks we've studied inspirations, scoured your closet for what still fits and what you still like, taken stock of what you need to complete your closet, and taken a look at what's available in stores now.

Hopefully, you've spent some time trying on styles that you're drawn to, even if they're not what you would normally choose for yourself.  Experimentation is key to finding your style.  

Step Five: In the final step to this series, I want to give you a few keys that may help you in determining what will work best for your body type.  Please remember that these are just general ideas and rules and that because every body is different, you may have to mix and match some of these rules.  

If you look to the right, I've put together some key tips for the most common women's body types. First is the rectangle shape. This shape is mostly straight up and down with very few curves — also referred to as "boyish.” Think of the shape of most models. In order to create curves, there are several tricks use such as using piping on a jacket to form an hourglass or wearing clothing that is close to the body to highlight the subtle curves.

Second is the hourglass shape. This shape is narrow in the middle with the shoulders and hips that are the same size. Typically deemed to be the most sought-after shape, it does not come without its complications. Think of the shapes seen in “Mad Men.” These shapes are centered on forming an hourglass shape and are great shapes to look for.

Last is the oval shape. This shape is larger all over, usually heavier in the middle. One of the most important tricks to slimming the figure is one that most women don't recognize — wearing clothes that are close to the body will help slim you. If you wear oversize, flowing clothes these will just add bulk to the frame and make you look heavier.

So now that you have a few ideas of tricks for your shape, I hope that you'll have a better idea of what to look for while out shopping. Take risks while shopping and if it helps, have a friend take a picture. This will give you an idea of the shape that you're projecting and will help you see what areas you may want to focus on.  

I hope that these five steps have given you a good idea of how to find your ideal style. Everyone has their own style and clothing that will work best for your shape and lifestyle. Don't spend too much time dwelling on celebrity or model style. These women have trainers, stylists, hairdressers and millions of dollars to spend on clothes.

You can look just as amazing when you know what you're looking for and what looks best on you.

(If you have any specific questions on finding your style for your particular body shape, please feel free to email me. I'd love to help out!  E-mail me at