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July 18, 2012

Ask Sarah Stright: Our fashion expert will answer your questions

Sarah Stright
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Q: I'm attending a wedding in August. I recently bought a white lace pencil skirt that I love but am not sure if it's taboo to wear to the wedding. And if it isn’t, what should I wear with it?

A: As an upcoming bride myself, I would be completely fine with a guest wearing a white skirt. That is, as long as the rest of the outfit was anything but white. A pencil skirt is such a great staple item for all women to have and a great option for a wedding. Since you're attending a summer wedding, I recommend having fun with the rest of your outfit with great colors or patterns. With a pencil skirt, you're also able to have fun with the silhouette of your top since your bottom is fitted. To the right, I've suggested a few tops that would look great with your white lace pencil skirt.  

Top 1: This polka dot top is a great option for a wedding. Paired with a pencil skirt, it's just the right amount of sophistication and fun. And the lightweight fabric is great for the warm summer days and cooler summer nights.  

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Top 2: A simple ruffled tank with a slight pattern looks classy for a wedding. The ruffle gives the skirt extra texture. Adda belt around your hips for extra dimension.  

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Top 3: Another great option is a peplum silhouette. The peplum will give you an hour-glass shape, which is what most women search for. In coral, this top is perfect for summer and the simple nature of the top will allow your pencil skirt to stand out.  

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Top 4: The sequins in this top increase the texture of your outfit, and though the top is light, you will not look "bride-like.” Plus, with the shine of the top, you will need mimimal jewelry.  

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Top 5: I love this option with a white lace pencil skirt. The pattern in the top is a great standout and so fun for summer. The flutter sleeve also is flattering for most body types.  

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Top 6: Though this top is simple, the jeweled neck takes it up a bit. The tie waist will flatter your body by highlighting the smallest part of your frame. With this top, you can also feel free to add a pop of color in your shoes to amp up your look.  

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Q: I have recently lost a significant amount of weight and am still working on losing more. What are some items I can wear that will flatter my new shape but hide the parts I'm still working on?

A. First of all, congratulations! Your hard work should definitely be celebrated. There are a few simple items that will be great for your new shape as well as in the future: Jackets, belts, and wrap dresses/shirts. Jackets that fit you well will be extremely flattering. Look for ones with side seams that give you the idea of an hour-glass shape. Even better? If the jacket has a band around your natural waist, it will highlight the smallest part of you. (Sarah offers some great options today on

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Belts also will be a great option for cinching in your waist. Plus, they add in a great pop of color or texture. Wear them over jackets, cardigans, sweaters, or any other item that may be a bit shapeless. Just as with a band on a jacket, when positioned at your natural waist, they highlight your smallest part. In general, look for a wider belt for a larger frame and a thinner belt for a smaller frame. This will keep your belt in proportion to your size and will give you your best look.

Finally, wrap dresses and shirts give essentially the same shape as both belts and jackets. Oftentimes, they tie at your natural waist. Plus, they usually flair out slightly below the tie, which will give you a great shape and conceal anything that you’re still looking to hide. They’re ultra comfortable and come in such amazing patterns and colors.

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(Do you have any fashion questions for me? I'd love to hear from you! Email me at And for more style inspiration, visit my personal fashion blog, Coming Unstitched.)