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August 29, 2012

Sarah Stright on Fashion: Part 2 of finding your own style series

Sarah Stright
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Last week we began the process of finding your own personal style.

With a new school year beginning for many (as well as new careers and other transitions), what better time than now to really figure out who you are through your clothes?

Last week we focused on looking through inspirations in magazines, TV shows, style blogs, etc., and determining what we like and don't like. And then I urged you to take a strong look at your closet, to try on ALL your clothes to discover what still fits, what you still like, and what needs to be donated. (You can take a look at the full steps HERE.)

Now let's take a look at steps three and four.

Step Three: Take stock of what you need. Do you have a lack of professional clothes for your new job? Do you need school clothes that follow the dress code? Make a list of all the things you NEED. And then make a separate list of all the things you WANT.

I've previously written about 10 basic pieces that every woman should own HERE. Do you have all of these?

For the "want" list, think about all those inspirations you just saw. Is there a trend that you're dying to try? Are there certain style eras that you're drawn to — like the flapper style, or ’70s style?

Step Four: After you've gone through the inspirations and your closet, figure out what you really DO like. Are you drawn to certain colors? How about patterns? Do you have the urge to branch out and try things that you haven't before? Great! Get out to the stores and start wandering the aisles, and most importantly TRY CLOTHES ON.

There may be a certain style or trend that you've always admired but don't think you can "pull off.” You will never know if that's the case until you try. And if you put something on and hate the way it looks? Only you will have seen it in the privacy of your dressing room.  

Step four is the most important step in determining your personal style. When you're in a store and you gravitate toward certain colors or silhouettes, colors or solids, it reflects what your true style is. This step will lead into step five next week when we determine what will look best on your body so that you can build a well-rounded wardrobe.

But in the meantime, go discover what you like! Shop around, gather even more inspiration. And then check back next Wednesday so I can help you see what will work on all different body types.

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