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Fashion: Sarah Stright-Hartley

November 6, 2013

Sarah Stright-Hartley: Some scarf ideas to wrap your head around

NEW CASTLE — I love wearing scarves.

Not only do they keep me warm without having to wear a lot of layers, but they add an interesting visual element to my outfit. But I've recently found out that there are plenty of women out there who would love to wear scarves, but don't really understand how. So I wanted to help those women out.

Tip 1 — There really is no wrong way to wear scarves. Sure, some outfits will look more interesting than others, but there really doesn't need to be too much thought that goes into it. Find a scarf that you love, pair it with a plethora of shirts that you love. That's all there really is to it!

Tip 2 — Mix and match. That'll give you the best way to make the most of both your scarf, and the tops in your closet. It'll make an outfit that you wear all the time look new again by adding a new visual layer.

Over to the right I have some examples of scarves and tops. Some looks might be a more obvious combination than others. Looks one, four, five and six are for those of you who might be a little scared of mixing patterns. A plain shirt paired with a patterned scarf is an easy way to give this trend a try.

In looks one, five, and six, I paired the scarf with a shirt that had matching colors. Simple, easy, and sort-of Scarf Wearing 101. Look four was slightly different in that the bright yellow doesn't technically "match" the gray sweater. But a gray sweater is neutral and can look great with any color scarf. Look seven can also be classified in this way because the shirt carries the pattern while the cozy scarf just adds extra dimension and texture.

For those who want to be a bit more risky, check out looks two, three and eight. These are all about pattern mixing, and the easiest way to try this is to look for a shirt and scarf combination that have similar color schemes. Look two is an easy way to begin pattern mixing. The colors in both the shirt and scarf are similar, which makes the mixing super easy.

A polka dot shirt and skull scarf work wonderfully together. Look three might have you questioning my original comment about keeping the combination in the same color family. But if you ask me, leopard print is a neutral — it matches with EVERYTHING.

Leopard and stripes? Yep. Leopard and floral? You bet. Leopard and plaid? Of course.

So I highly recommend having a leopard print scarf on hand to mix and match with everything in your wardrobe. Finally, look eight is similar to look two, in that the color schemes are similar, and that's really all you need.

So now with these tips in mind, are you going to give scarves a try?

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Fashion: Sarah Stright-Hartley
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