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Fashion: Sarah Stright-Hartley

January 30, 2013

Sarah Stright-Hartley: Some hot looks to keep you warm on chilly days

NEW CASTLE — It’s the time of year when it feels like spring, summer, and semi-warm temps are nowhere in sight. To than end, I've been asked several times just how to dress for this very cold Pennsylvania weather.

The answer is both simple (layers!) and complicated (how can I not add 25 pounds of clothes?). Though I've touched briefly in the past on how best to layer, I wanted to give you a few more ideas on how to keep yourself nice and toasty when battling the elements.

On the right I've put together both a men's and women's look. Let's talk about the women's look first.

This look essentially consists of five pieces on the top — but they're all chosen carefully so as not to add bulk because that can just make you feel uncomfortable. Start with a simple cotton tank and add a T-shirt on top. Over the T-shirt, add a cardigan that has some weight to it but isn't too overly bulky. A cotton cardigan will work best.

Any warm winter coat will work for your outerwear piece, just make sure that it, too, fits you well so that it helps to trap in your body heat. On top of the coat, add a faux fur vest.

Not only does this add interest to your outfit, but it gives you an extra layer of warmth that is easy to take off if you get too warm. In addition, if you choose a vest with a faux fur collar such as the one pictured, it doubles as a scarf. Adding a scarf on top of this can be another layer if it doesn't make you feel too contained.

A warm winter hat is a necessity since heat escapes through your head. Also, find leather gloves — preferably lined. On the bottom, skinny jeans are great when paired with tall, thick boot socks. (You can find these just about everywhere now). Riding boots will also add extra warmth.

All of these layers are designed to keep you extra warm, stylish, and non-bulky.

The idea for the men's look is very similar to the women's. Start with a great basic, like a long sleeved T-shirt or henley. Add on top a T-shirt with a fun graphic. Over that, a casual zip up hoodie. Finally, a warm winter coat tops off the look.

In addition, add a super warm fleece scarf — try one that matches the button detail of your coat to give it a bit more interest. A beanie hat and worn leather gloves add the cool, casual vibe.

On the bottom, simple comfortable denim in a straight leg will look great when paired with ankle high leather boots that will keep your feet nice and warm. Don't forget the thick wool socks!

So when layering this winter, just remember — thin pieces layered on top of each other will keep you feeling warm, but also not so oversized.

(If you have any questions, please email me at!)


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Fashion: Sarah Stright-Hartley
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