New Castle News

April 3, 2013

Sarah Stright-Hartley: Believe it or not, spring is here — so dress for it

Sarah Stright-Hartley
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — It is slowly, slowly starting to warm up around here.

But with the spring comes cool mornings and evenings and warm afternoons in-between. When I asked recently what people around me were having a hard time with, the answer was repeated over and over — how are we supposed to dress for these days?

The answer is simple, and is similar to my answer from last week — LAYER.

It's the only way I've come to be able to deal with these temperatures in this area of the country. As someone who is often cold, layering keeps me warm in the coolest offices, and keeps me free to enjoy the weather while out in the sun.

At right, I've put together a few outfits for casual and work wear layering. The first two casual looks for women and men are very similar.

Start with a simple base piece like a great button-up, even adding a layer underneath such as a tank or T-shirt, leaves you with more options. Add a cozy, comfy cardigan over the top and you'll be nice and warm while running errands. For the women you can even add a scarf for extra warmth. Men can do the same, if scarves are your thing.

Carrying around a larger purse for women and a messenger bag for the men leaves plenty of room to stash the cardigan once you get warm.

On the far right, I've put together an outfit for women to wear to work. The idea is basically the same — take a work appropriate blouse and add a fitted cardigan over the top. Because the pieces are fitted, there is less chance of feeling and looking bulky. Adding a blazer over the top of the cardigan completes the office look and also adds another layer of warmth. Now you won't be shivering in your office.

Wearing several thin pieces over the top of each other will keep you warm during the cool morning hours, cool during the afternoon sun, and warm again while you're finishing up your day in the evening.

How do you like to dress for the spring?