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Fashion: Sarah Stright-Hartley

October 9, 2013

Sarah Stright-Hartley: Wearing maternity clothing doesn’t mean giving up style

NEW CASTLE — I started wearing maternity clothes fairly early, before most people knew I was pregnant and before I was really showing.

I could've gotten another month out of my non-maternity clothing but the clothes (pants, mostly) pushing into my growing belly made me insanely uncomfortable. So I went to the standard maternity stores in search of cute and comfortable clothes and became increasingly disappointed.

I quickly understood why so many celebrities feel the need to create maternity lines after being pregnant. I tried stores like Motherhood Maternity and A Pea in the Pod and just couldn't find anything that made me feel like "me" still. So then I tried looking at stores that my mommy friends had mentioned — Target and Kohl's. I was getting closer, but still not impressed.

So then I started thinking about the stores that I love regardless and did some research into which ones also have maternity lines. The ones I knew about, like Gap and Old Navy, had nice things but they weren't anything I'd consider trendy in their maternity lines. The ones I finally decided on that felt like they were actually trying to let pregnant ladies be trendy? ASOS, TopShop, Pink Blush Maternity and H&M.

Since discovering the selection being offered at these stores, they are the ones that I stick with so that I can still feel stylish during these nine months.

To the right, I've grabbed some of the newer arrivals from each store so that you can see what they offer. If you or someone you know is pregnant and looking for something a bit more special out of her maternity clothes, I'd definitely recommend telling her about these stores. I've now bought maternity clothes from each of these four stores and can say that they are wonderful.

Let's start with my two favorites — ASOS and TopShop. I'm not sure if it is because these are UK-based brands (which both offer free shipping to the U.S.) but they seem to realize that just because you're pregnant, it doesn't mark the end of style. Most of the things they offer can be found in both maternity and non-maternity styles.

ASOS, in particular, has a wide range of prices, so don't be turned off if the first item you see is well over $200. I tend to set the filter option to $75 and below and see what that will get me, and I'm always pleased and left wanting mostly everything. (You can see some of my maternity style from ASOS here and here.)

TopShop also sells items at great price points, which makes it very easy to want to spend money on the site. (You can see some of my maternity style from TopShop here.)

The next store, Pink Blush Maternity, is one that I've recently discovered. They're also inexpensive and offer clothes that are trendy and cute.  They don't have many bottoms aside from denim that I like, but their tops are very cute. And as the weather gets cooler, the sweaters they offer are definitely going to be making an appearance in my closet.  

I also really like the details that are put on their tops, from the subtle lace panels to the jeweled necklines. (You can see some of my maternity style from Pink Blush Maternity here and here.)

Finally, H&M offers some great maternity pieces as well. They tend to stay more toward the comfortable rather than the trendy pieces, but they still have some great gems in there, and at normal low H&M prices.

One caution I do have about H&M though is to watch the sizing. In general, the clothes tend to run a bit small, so you may have to size up. (You can see some of my maternity style from H&M here and here.)

Where did /do you shop for maternity clothes?


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Fashion: Sarah Stright-Hartley
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