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July 4, 2012

Fashion with Sarah Stright: This week, Sarah answers your questions

Sarah Stright
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Q: I'm a girl on a budget but would love to have shoes that match with all outfits and all seasons. What should I buy?

There are really four colors of shoes every woman should have in her closet: black, brown, nude, and leopard (for fun). These four colors will match with EVERYTHING in your closet.

Of course, there are varying styles of these shoes so finding ones that will work with everything may seem a bit overwhelming. The most versatile pair will be a closed-toe, easy to care for heel.

Living in Pennsylvania, we know that we can get an abundance of snow. So even though peep-toe shoes are great for most seasons, wearing them around in the snow is not very practical. In the picture to the right, you'll see several examples of great shoes on a budget. (See below for wear to buy.)

Now, let's talk about why these work with everything. Black and brown are fairly obvious, since you can pair them with most anything in your closet. A nude shoe will lengthen your legs and make you look taller and leaner when you match it fairly close to your skin color (and who doesn't want that?).

And a leopard shoe will always add a little spark to your outfit. Trust me, these go with just about everything. Treat these shoes as a neutral — just like your black or brown. Check out the pictures to the right of just a few outfits I've paired with my leopard heels (you can see more on my personal style blog:

Target Styles:

  1. Brown, $29.99
  2. Black, $29.99
  3.  Leopard, $29.99
  4. Nude, $29.99

Payless Styles:

  1. Leopard, $29.99
  2. Brown, $15
  3. Black, $19.99
  4. Nude, $34.99

Kohl’s Styles:

  1. Leopard, $69
  2. Nude, $64.99
  3. Black, $69.99
  4. Brown, $57.99

Q:  I'm a guy who enjoys T-shirts and jeans. But now that I'm 30, is that still acceptable, or do I need to wear more "adult" clothing?

Everything you wear depends on the situation. Are you going grocery shopping? A T-shirt and jeans is absolutely acceptable. (However, definitely choose one that isn't offensive in any way — save those for the comfort of your home.)

If you work in a creative environment, such as the music industry, a T-shirt and jeans is pretty much the norm. But always remember that it is very easy to make this casual uniform look instantly more dressed up.  

First, make sure your jeans are simple, dark wash with no holes or destruction marks. Instead of wearing sneakers, wear a nice pair of loafers. A nice watch (even if it doesn't cost much) will give you more style. And if you have a meeting (IF it's a casual meeting), top the look off with a blazer. A blazer will instantly make an outfit more stylish and put together.

And if you want to wear a T-shirt to a more formal environment, wear it underneath a nice button down top. That way you'll look put together, but you'll still feel casual. Check out my T-shirt outfit suggestions to the right.

And remember, never, ever wear a T-shirt to a professional engagement (unless your industry says it's acceptable). You will look like you don't care.

  1. Old Navy tee, $12.99
  2. Old Navy jeans, $29.50
  3. Kohl's blazer, $89.99
  4. Old Navy belt, $12.50
  5. Piperlime watch, $65
  6. Piperlime shoes, $79.99
  7. Old Navy tee, $14.50
  8. Old Navy jeans, $29.50
  9. Old Navy shirt, $24.94
  10. Old Navy belt, $15
  11. Piperlime watch, $115
  12. Old Navy shoes, $24.94

(Do you have any style questions? I'd love to help! Email me at And feel free to visit my personal style blog at