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Fashion: Sarah Stright-Hartley

June 11, 2014

Sarah Stright-Hartley: Need to do some serious shopping? There’s an app for that

NEW CASTLE — Let's get tech-y for a second.

We have a ridiculous amount of technology at our fingertips these days and, of course, lots of brands have gotten in on this to make sure that you can shop their stores no matter where you are.

There are apps to sell your clothes (and buy others). There are apps to keep your closet organized. And then there are apps to just make your own outfits for fun. Below are my five favorites.

•Poshmark (free!): This app allows you to buy and sell gently used clothing. You can upload a profile, take photos of your clothing to sell, and "follow" others whose closets you admire. There are also parties that you can join to show off your items in the hope of getting them sold. When you do sell an item, Poshmark sends you a pre-paid shipping label and all you have to do is stick it in a box and send (Poshmark does keep a small portion of your sales). I've personally sold items with the app and they do make it very easy for you.

**Cons: The main thing I did not like about this app was that when you are trying to sell items, you will consistently have people attempting to trade with you (rather than buy), or they will continuously try to get you to lower your price.

•Covet Fashion (free!): One of my favorite apps that really kills the time during midnight feedings for my little boy.  Enter events and style your own looks to attempt to win clothing and accessories (sadly, in the game only) to use in later events.  Vote on looks to decide "who wore it best" in order to earn tickets and enter more events.  This will also give you outfit inspiration for your daily life and makes it easy to click and buy your favorite pieces in real life (which could be a problem).

**Cons: I do find that the app crashes occasionally, possibly because it is still fairly new. Also, it will make you want to have all of these pieces in your closet!

•Stylebook ($3.99): First I want to say, I do not have this app, but I love the idea of it and am thinking of buying it.  You can inventory your entire closet and develop looks using your phone.  It also catalogs the ways you've styled that piece in the past.  It will also help with your shopping trips so that you'll know if a particular item will fit in with what you already have.  There is a shopping feature to help you find a specific item to match with what you already own. Finally, if a great outfit idea pops into your head, and you're not certain you'll remember it later, create a collage so that you can pull the pieces out when you get home.

**Cons: I can't speak to the cons since I don't own the app.

•HauteLook (free!): This is a great site for limited time daily deals (think Groupon but for brand-name clothing, accessories and home goods). A lot of top name designer brands are featured here for REALLY good prices.  But you have to shop quickly — you can only keep items in your cart for 15 minutes. Since there are limited quantities of each item, the purpose of the 15 minutes is to make sure others can snap up the item if you're not going to.

**Cons: The 15-minute time limit can be a bit of a pain if you're not certain about a purchase. This can lead to a lot of impulse buys that you aren't sure you really want. Also, I've heard about those having issues with orders in general — not receiving them or having very long wait times to receive them.

•RetailMeNot (free!): This app is definitely one of my go-to's since I happen to shop probably more than I should. I've been using it while shopping online for about a year now, but recently downloaded the app too (and wonder why I waited so long). Simply search for the store you're shopping in, and it'll pull up any coupons that are currently available to use in-store (or online if you're shopping online). This has saved me a ton of money.  And all you have to do is show your phone to the sales associate so they can apply the discount. Even if you don't download the app (though why wouldn't you?!), I recommend checking out the online version whenever you're shopping online.

**Cons: Not every store is listed which can be a real bummer. But I've only found a few of those that I frequent that don't often have coupons.


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Fashion: Sarah Stright-Hartley
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