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December 5, 2012

Sarah Stright-Hartley: Interior inspiration leads to outer style

Sarah Stright-Hartley
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — I am inspired by everything — other people, magazines, television, and interior design.

Interior design has long been a passion of mine (I even began my college career with a major in interior design before switching to fashion) and I think it is one of the best ways to get inspired for your wardrobe when you're stuck in a rut.

To show you some simple ways to do this, I pulled a couple pictures of beautiful rooms and put together an outfit for each (look to the right).

The first look happens to be a room that I am in love with. The room looks so rich and classic. The first things I noticed were the colors — black, gold and blue, and the rich textures — lacquered walls and velvet chairs.

In putting together this look, I started with a classic wide leg trouser in white and topped it off with an easy bow tie blouse. The blue velvet booties reference the chairs and adding in gold accessories completes the look. In addition, if you look at the design on the side of the chair, I loved the lattice work. I wanted to bring that design in, so the earrings have a similar feel.

This overall look feels just like the room — classic and elegant.

In the second room, I loved the muted colors of brown and gray mixed with the pop of colors in yellow and blue. So that is exactly what I pulled from for the outfit. The gray pants and blue top look fantastic together and the brown leather jacket adds a cool edge (plus references the leather sofa). The bright yellow shoes are unexpected and add interest to the outfit, especially since they will barely peek out beneath the wide leg pants.  To continue in the yellow family, I added gold accessories for a more polished look. This look has a bit of a cheeky quality to it with the pops of color, just like the room.

What inspires you? Do you gather inspiration from interior design?

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