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Fashion: Sarah Stright-Hartley

August 21, 2013

Sarah Stright-Hartley: Want to dress with class? Give it the ol’ college try!

NEW CASTLE — It's that time of year again when a new generation of kids heads to college for the first time.

It's an exciting and terrifying time.

Will you know anyone? Will you make friends? What will your dorm be like? Will you like your classes?

So many questions.

To the right, I've put together a board of classic college wear that can give you an idea of how to dress no matter where you're going.

In the first outfit, this is the perfect look for your classes. Layer a button-down shirt with a cool sweatshirt. A lot of times those classrooms can get really chilly and this will keep you focused on the subject rather than how much you're shivering. Easy, dark-wash, boot-cut jeans are comfortable and classic.

A cool leather backpack, and comfortable, colorful sneakers are the perfect accessories. Don't forget your glasses if you're sitting at the back of the class!

Going out with your new friends? Give the crop top trend a try. A sequined top is always celebratory and when paired with black jeans is a chic look for your night out. A bold statement necklace and oversized cocktail ring are fun completer pieces. Red heels are unexpected with the rest of the neutral colors. You'll definitely be a standout among your new friends!

You're most likely going to be pulling all-nighters or getting together with friends for a study night. Feel free to get comfortable. Throw your hair up in a ponytail, grab a comfortable T-shirt, comfortable (but cute) sweatpants and flip-flops (unless it's winter, then you'll just want standard sneakers). Consider throwing an oversized hoodie into your bag, too, in case you get chilly.

Grab your textbooks (and maybe some coffee) and you're ready to study the night away.

Are you going away to college? What are you most looking forward to?

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Fashion: Sarah Stright-Hartley
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