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October 17, 2012

Sarah Stright: Some hot layered looks for cool fall fashion

Sarah Stright
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Fall is all about layers. It's one of the reasons that fashionistas look forward to this time of year.

You get to show personality through the layers of your look, and combine items in new and different ways to show a completely new outfit using the same pieces.

The key to layering without looking bulky is to keep most of your layers thin. You'll still get all of the warmth but feel comfortable. Keep in mind that for women, if you add a belt around your waist, it'll also cut down on the bulk and you'll see more of your figure.  

In addition, if you use different textures throughout your layers, you add visual interest to your look, even if the pieces are solids.  

I've put together a few examples (to the right) for women and men of simple ideas for layering.

The first look for women starts with a comfortable flannel. Layer on top a sweater with interesting detail (in case you take off your jacket), followed by a denim jacket and finished with a faux fur vest.  

The second look starts with an easy tank, topped with a chambray shirt and finished with a cute striped cardigan.

The final look combines a long sleeve tee and an oversized sweater. If you put a wide belt at your waist, you won't lose your shape underneath the layers of the look. Top off the look with a soft scarf.

For men, you can apply the same thought as the women.

In the first look, start with your favorite tee, top it with a patterned button-down, a cozy cardigan and finish it with a scarf for a polished look.

In the second look, a cool military look button-down topped with a bright sweater and finished with a relaxed blazer is easy and warm.

What is your favorite way to layer?

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