New Castle News

January 1, 2014

Sarah Stright-Hartley: Options for "normal" men help make clothing choices easier

Sarah Stright-Hartley
New Castle News


In a recent conversation with my brother, he told me that he didn't think "normal" (non-model) men are really sure how to dress for every day.  That while they can look at models for inspiration, those outfits aren't something that are appropriate for most men.  So he suggested I spend one of my posts here addressing some common clothing problems that men seem to wear and what to wear instead.  If you look to the right, I've put together a simple "wear this, not that" guide for a few things I've seen men wear.
Jeans- WEAR dark wash, straight leg - NOT bleached wash, no decorated back pockets
When it comes to jeans, a dark, straight leg style is best (this applies to men and women) and the most flattering.  This type of jean can be dressed up or down and always stays classic looking.  A lighter wash is a little too "daytime" to be worn at night and anything tapered looks like you stepped out of the 80s.  So stay away from the bleached look and also please, please stay away from anything with detailing on the back pockets.
Shoes - WEAR "dressy" sneakers - NOT tennis shoes
You know those shoes that you wear to the gym?  Those are strictly for that purpose- the gym, exercising.  They shouldn't be worn as every day shoes (and in fact, you'll wear them out much more quickly this way), and they don't look good with jeans, shorts or pants.  Instead, try wearing a "dressy" sneaker if that's the type of comfort you're going for.  They make casual, every day shoes (like the ones I'm showing to the right) that are meant to be worn as you're running around town.
Shorts - WEAR khaki shorts - NOT athletic shorts or jean shorts
Ah jean shorts.  It might be a double standard since women wear jean shorts all the time, but jean shorts on guys are a definite fashion mistake.  They look very dated and unappealing.  Instead, look for easy khaki shorts (cargo pocket styles look more casual, ones with side pockets are dressier) or plaid shorts.  These styles can be dressed up or down and will also be appropriate for most outings.  And athletic shorts?  Those are for the gym, not to be worn out on the town.
Sports Shirts - WEAR team t-shirts - NOT jerseys
Is it game day?  That's great, wear your favorite team jersey.  Other than that, if you really want to show your support, wear a t-shirt with your team logo.  But please keep in mind that these types of t-shirts are NOT dressy and shouldn't be worn out on dates or for dinner unless you're wearing them underneath a shirt so that it can't be seen.  
What do you think about these "rules"?  What else have you seen men wear that you don't think they should?