New Castle News

November 4, 2013

Steve Treu: Steelers battered by Brady — again

Steve Treu
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — You didn’t need to watch yesterday’s game to know what was going to happen.

These days, you could have just asked your phone.

“Siri, are the Pittsburgh Steelers going to beat the New England Patriots?”

“I would say that is not very likely.”

“Siri, so you are saying there’s a chance?”

“Not really. Not as long as my BFF is playing quarterback for the Patriots.”

Great. Even telephone technology has a crush on Tom Brady.

Probably because Brady is an android.

Surely few among the Black-and-Gold faithful had their hopes high that the Steelers had a prayer in Foxborough, and the final score illustrated why.

Steelers lose, 55-31.

Wait, did Brady throw another touchdown pass or two in the final minute there? Perhaps it ended up 62-31 or 69-31, there was really no point in watching once they got into the 50s.

In the days leading up to this game there was talk going around that Brady was on the downside of his career, or at least the lack of weapons around him were making him less than the elite quarterback he has been since long before Siri was even conceived of over there at Apple.

More importantly, some thought he was no longer worthy of a starting spot in fantasy leagues.

Hope you played him, certainly against the Steelers, because he remains their Daddy.

The robot went 23 of 33 for 432 yards and four touchdowns, producing a 151.8 quarterback rating in the process. Yawn.

What did you expect? That he would only manage 116 passing yards like he did last week against Miami?

Not against Pittsburgh, which played with one man in the penalty box for most of the evening and occasionally gave the Pats a two-man advantage in the fourth quarter.

It sure seemed that way. How many times were the supposedly weak New England wide receivers dashing through that short-handed secondary with nary a Steeler in the picture?

The Patriots scored at least three touchdowns on the power play in the final period, producing the most points ever scored against a Pittsburgh “defense” and the most scored in the NFL this season.

Coach Mike Tomlin said the fact that the 55 points yielded by the Steelers were a franchise record did not make the loss any more “sickening.”

He clearly speaks for himself and not the millions in Steelers Nation.

The Patriots’ outburst far outshined the best game of Jerricho Cotchery’s career, as the veteran grabbed three touchdown passes from Ben Roethlisberger, whose four touchdown tosses and 400 yards were outshined by his three turnovers, two of which were quickly converted into TDs by New England’s unoutshinable automaton.

Cotchery’s second scoring grab somehow defied the odds and tied it up at 24 midway through the third quarter.

For a moment there, it seemed as if the Steelers did indeed have a chance.

“Siri, what did you think when Pittsburgh tied the score in the third quarter?”

“That was cute of them to keep trying like that. But not as cute as ...”

Power down, Siri.

In Norwegian, Siri means “beautiful woman who leads you to victory.”

Which is strikingly similar to what Brady means in English.

(Steve Treu covers The Steelers for The News.)