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June 25, 2014

The Couch Potato: I just hope a dog blog isn’t funnier than mine

NEW CASTLE — Once you write fifty-some of these blogs, it gets a little harder each week to come up with a fresh topic.

Sure, there are a million TV shows and movies out there to critique, or even better, to make fun of, but there are only so many hours in the day to watch them all.

So each week, I sit down at my computer screen and the brainstorming session begins.

I’ve been watching a lot of “Seinfeld” reruns this week, should I write about that? No, already did that one way back when.

How about “The Simpson’s”? No, that was the second blog I ever wrote.

And so my mind is left to wander around the entertainment universe, just searching for that perfect topic to light up your world.

And here is where this blog gets strange.

Invariably, as I explore the depths of my brain for that one idea that will change local newspaper Internet blogging forever, one word and one word only, always pops into my brain:


I have no idea why and I can’t explain it, but I as stare at the computer screen and contemplate the multitude of topics, themes or whatever else, all that comes into my thoughts is “dog.”

Sometimes, I’ll even just type the word “dog” onto the screen, only to smack myself and quickly hit the delete button three times to erase the disappointment that is my creativity, or lack thereof.

So anyway, the point of all this is that for the first time, my weird “dog” thing may have actually led me somewhere useful.

My one French Fry has reached the age of 6 and is starting to move beyond the little kid cartoons on Disney Junior and Nick Junior. She is no longer interested in “Dora the Explorer” or the “Little Einstein” shows that populate those networks.

For that reason, she has begun to graduate to more sophisticated live-action kids shows on the Disney Channel, even if “sophisticated kid show” is an oxymoron.

Some of the Disney Channel shows that she enjoys are “Jessie,” “Austin & Ally” and the thematic inspiration for this piece, the aptly named “Dog with a Blog.”

None of these shows would be considered “good” by anyone beyond the age of 10, but for what they are, they’re at least watchable. The jokes are about as predictable as the sun rising each day, but for a 6 year old, they are her introduction to comedy.

Part of that is what makes me worry, though. Humor has been a big part of my life and I’ve taken many of my comedic cues from my dad. My hope is that my kids will do the same and carry on a tradition of at least trying to be funny. My dad, me and my friends may not always succeed in that pursuit, but we’re darn well going to give it an effort.

For that reason, I worry about my daughter developing a sense of humor based on a Disney Channel show. It’s clean humor, which is usually the worst kind, but we’re kind of stuck on what else she can watch.

For a while, she was my “30 Rock” viewing partner, and while I know she didn’t understand everything, she did think that it was funny, especially the Tracy and Jenna characters. But I had to stop her from watching it because many of the jokes were too inappropriate, though funny as they may have been.

So that leaves us with “Dog with a Blog.” If you haven’t seen it (hopefully you haven’t), it’s a live action show about a talking dog who lives with a family in suburbia. I’ve watched a bunch of episodes, though I can’t ever say I’ve seen the ‘blog’ come into play, but apparently he writes one. Hopefully it’s not better than this.

But my daughter likes the show and I like that it makes her laugh, even if the jokes are corny.

I just hope she ends up being funnier than these shows, because as you know, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

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