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The Couch Potato

December 25, 2013

I'll pass on "A Christmas Story"


NEW CASTLE — Where this story gets strange, though, is that none of my friends ever brought the movie to my attention.  I recently found out that my friend Zach, affectionately known as Z-Bird, is "A Christmas Story" afficionado.  He's been to the house in Cleveland, talks about Ralphie like it's his kid brother and I think he may even have the leg lamp.  By the way, I'm assuming everything I wrote in the last sentence is accurate to the movie, but I'm not sure what any of it means.

At this point, it would be easy to watch the movie since there are so many options available as it is endlessly replayed on multiple channels at this time of year.  But I've kind of embraced the fact that I have never seen the movie.  

I enjoy when someone mentions a scene or funny line from the movie and I can reply, "Never seen it."  The looks I get from people range from general disgust to outright anger.  I might as well have just told them that I've been to the moon or hit the lottery.  In fact, those things might seem more believable than not having watched "A Christmas Story."

Anyway, I believe it's a unique thing about the Couch Potato to have not seen such a beloved and classic movie.  While I may be missing out on a slice of Americana, I'm happy to be different, at least in a small way.  

Plus, 80's movies stink anyway!

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The Couch Potato
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