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October 29, 2013

Charges filed in Halco Drive shooting

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Charges have been filed following a shooting Sunday on Halco Drive.

New Castle police charged Markeace Perkins, 18, of 357 Halco Drive, with attempted criminal homicide, two counts of aggravated assault and one count each of prohibited possession of a firearm, recklessly endangering another person and simple assault.

Perkins is still at large.

According to police, officers were called to the Grant Street apartments off Halco Drive about 12:50 p.m. Sunday and told a shooting and stabbing had occurred.

At Jameson Hospital, police found Markeshia Littles of Halco Drive, who had been shot. She told officers she had seen three males, all about 20 years of age, on her back porch. She said she told them to leave when one, known to her as “Keace,” threatened to take someone there to fight her.

A short time later, she said, “Keace,” identified as Markeace Perkins, returned with a woman and a group of males. After a police car drove by, Littles said, the woman, known to her as “Asia,” tried to punch her  “a couple of times.” She said they began to fight.

After the fight, Littles said, she began to walk away when “Keace” said something. She said she turned, saw him pointing a small revolver at her, then he fired three times. She said she felt pain in her left foot and realized she had been shot. The group then fled, she said.

Medical staff at Jameson said Littles had been hit in the left calf, according to police, and the bullet had fragmented inside her leg.

The other woman, Asia Lawson, also being treated at the hospital, told police Littles had been “disrespecting” her.

She told officers Littles and her sister met Lawson in the street and they began to fight. She said she had not seen the shooting and did not know who had fired the shots. She also said Littles may have stabbed her in the head.

Police said they observed a laceration on the left side of Lawson’s head.

Littles denied having a weapon.

Police said they reviewed surveillance footage of the two women fighting while several men stood around them recording the fight on their cell phones.

Both women fell to the ground, police said, and Littles stood and began to walk away. At that time, police said, Perkins is seen stretching his arm toward Littles and “taking a shooting stance.”

Police said Perkins then appears to fire at Littles multiple times and is seen fleeing. Police said this is consistent with Littles’ version of events.

Littles is seen limping  and collapses in front of 338 Halco Drive.

New Castle Police Chief Bobby Salem said Monday officers initially had detained someone who had been identified as being with Perkins.

“But we determined that he was not the shooter and he was released.”