New Castle News

May 25, 2013

Police called to Halco Drive disturbance

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — An apparently intoxicated Halco Drive man drew a crowd Thursday night.

New Castle police were called about 6:30 p.m. and found a 19-year-old man cutting his face and head with the razor blade of a utility knife.

Police said when they arrived, the man tossed the utility knife into the grass and fled into his apartment, locking the door behind him. Police said he began to throw chairs, window screens and glass bottles from a second-floor window at them and neighbors, including several children. All the while, police said, the man told officers to shoot him.

Police said they tried to calm the man while backup officers broke down his front door. Inside, they said, the man was handcuffed and taken to Jameson Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Maintenance personnel at the scene told officers it will cost $550 to repair the door.

Officers spent about two hours at the scene.