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November 13, 2013

Pulaski adopts information policy

NEW CASTLE —  The Pulaski Township supervisors have approved a resolution to address right-to-know requests.

Supervisor Sam Varano said the measure was unanimously adopted so the public will be charged consistent fees for various public records requests. The fee for copies is 25 cents each.

He said that prior to adoption of the resolution, the township had a copying fee but did not have established fees for other types of requests. Varano said the supervisors adopted the resolution upon the recommendation of township solicitor Richard Harper.

Under the new policy, the cost for certification is $5, and specialized documents such as color copies, blueprints  faxes and nonstandard sized copies will be charged the actual cost of the copy, although that cost is not specified in the resolution.

The township may not charge any more than it actually costs to mail the document and records, which are maintained as email and will be emailed  free.

If the record is maintained only on electronic or other non-paper media, the cost of copies will be the actual cost although again, that cost is not specified.

If a request is  for a record that costs more than $100, the requester may be required to pre-pay an estimate of the fees.

For quasijudicial proceedings, such as zoning hearings, that require court reporters, fees for court reporters or stenographers will be shared equally by the supervisors and the applicant who requests the hearing.

 If the supervisors order transcripts, the township will pay for the original. If there is an appeal of a township decision, the party appealing will pay for the original transcript if the supervisors have not ordered one.

 Additional transcript copies will be paid directly to the court reporter who transcribed the proceedings.

The resolution also contains provisions for editing out personal information if someone wants to inspect records and the redacting must be done free by the township. However, the township may charge for copies it must make of the redacted material in order for the requester to view the public record.

Traffic accident reports will cost $15. 

 If the state law conflicts with township, the state law will be followed, the resolution states. Any fee set by state law will supersede the township resolution if there is a conflict.

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