New Castle News

March 6, 2014

Jameson to move pediatric unit

John K. Manna
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Plans are under way to relocate inpatient pediatric care at Jameson Hospital.

A press release issued Wednesday by Jameson Health System said pediatric care will continue at the hospital and “will be provided in a safe environment by the same pediatricians, physician specialists and pediatric trained registered nurses and staff.”

Inpatient pediatric care will be moved from the hospital’s medical/surgical/pediatrics unit in the southeast corridor on the third floor to the adjacent medical/surgical unit in the southwest corridor of the third floor.

Pediatric patients generally are 12 years old or younger, according to Lisa Lombardo, Jameson public relations director.

The decision to make the move “was driven by the natural evolution of healthcare shifting from less inpatient demand in exchange” for a higher volume of outpatients, the release said.

The official date for the relocation is to be determined within the next 60 days.

“The ongoing advances being made in the care of children have significantly decreased the need to treat pediatric patients on an inpatient basis,” said Doug Danko, president and chief executive officer of Jameson Health System.

“New technologies and advances made that have prevented serious respiratory infections from occurring in children and the more recent minimally invasive surgical procedures for performing tonsillectomies and adenectomy surgery have resulted in pediatric care now being provided on a safer and more convenient outpatient basis and in the pediatricians’ offices when compared to past practices where inpatient hospital care was needed.

“Of the changes occurring in healthcare delivery today, these are signs of real and significant progress.”

The southeast corridor of the third floor will no longer be in use as a result of the inpatient pediatric care shift and medical/surgical care dispersing throughout other units within the hospital, the release said.

Lombardo said there is no plan “at this time” for the space being vacated to be used.

Debra Perretta, a registered nurse and director of quality management services for the health system, said the move “will grant our inpatient care areas a larger pool of specialized staff to cross-train and share for a greater team approach meeting our patient-centered care culture.”

She said the southeast corridor was “a logical selection for consolidation due to its isolated location on the hospital floor as it is not a connecting throughway to other units.”

Pediatric patients will continue to be admitted to inpatient hospital care through the emergency and surgical departments and by direct admission, the release said.