New Castle News

September 27, 2012

Neshannock OKs development plan

Nancy Lowry
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — A new structure without the customary building and sewer permits was authorized yesterday by the Neshannock Township supervisors.

The supervisors approved the Lawrence County Economic Development Corp. land development plan, which includes construction of a 50,000-square-foot shell building in Millennium Technical Park.

Explaining the plan, Mark Taylor of RAR Engineering said the development corporation plans to construct a “spec” building in the park. But with no prospective tenant in mind, the building will be constructed with no utilities, sewer lines or floor.

Those amenities will be added when a tenant is found. Until then, he said, it will not be known exactly what size water or electric lines will be needed.

“A two-inch line can supply a warehouse or office, but something bigger must be used for an industrial use,” he said.

Taylor said corporation executive director Linda Nitch is in negotiations with prospective tenants.

 The building will be located in the area off Harbor Road where the development corporation prepared a site this summer, he said.

He asked the supervisors to approve the plan so the development corporation can start building.

Supervisors noted the request is unusual, saying that when zoning officer James Farris issues sewer, building and occupancy permits some designated use must accompany the application.

Taylor said the development corporation will make the sewer permit application, “as soon as we have any idea of what is going in. (The occupant’s) water, sewage and electric needs all must be satisfied.”

Solicitor Lou Perrotta suggested applying for a building permit and estimating a need for one equivalent dwelling unit This can be adjusted, he said.

These permits are based on water use. A single-family house required one equivalent dwelling unit permit. A business may require several.

Taylor said a sewage usage permit will be submitted when the organization applies for a building permit.

The supervisors also accepted the report of township sanitation manager Philip Battista who said the Millennium Park Sewer extension has been tested and approved by township sewer engineers Hatch, Mott, MacDonald of Pittsburgh.